Ergonomic Children's Desk Chair

Ergonomic Children's Desk Chair
Ergonomic Children's Desk Chair
Ergonomic Children's Desk Chair
Ergonomic Children's Desk Chair

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Children's Learning Chair Ergonomic Design Sitting Posture Correction Desk Chair

Product Features:
  • 3D Decompression Engineering Chair: Three-dimensional tailoring, comfortable and high elasticity.
  • Ergonomic bump cushion to reduce thigh pressure.
  • The 3D memory elastic sponge is moderately soft and hard, which can relieve leg pressure when sitting upright.
  • Engineering adjustment, comfortably support children's back, multi-dimensional adjustment, from 3 to 18 years old. The pressure relief armrest design helps children learn healthily.
  • It is suitable for most desks, with an adjustment range of 42-52cm sitting height, and can be adapted to various desks to easily switch between different learning scenarios.
  • Adjustable pedal design: thick foot plate, engineering lifting design so that the feet are not suspended, effectively relieve the leg pressure caused by long-term sitting.
  • Six-wheel structure chassis: one more wheel and one more stable body nylon, which can maintain stability every moment.
  • The Q235 steel structure bracket is stable and durable, smooth and clean as new, P∪ gravity self-locking anti-skid wheels, thickened supporting chassis for comprehensive protection and careful companionship.
  • Name: learning chair, children's wheelchair.
  • Material: Metal + sponge.
  • Color: pink.
  • Sitting height adjustment: 42-52cm/16.53-20.47in.
  • Backrest lift: 46-56cm/18.11-22.04in.
  • Sitting depth adjustment: 34-44cm/13.38-17.32in.
  • Product size: 67×88-108cm/26.38×34.64-42.52in.
  • Weight: 9 kg/19.8 lbs.
The product contains:
  • 1×study chair