Bamboo Laptop Stand

Bamboo Laptop Stand



Superior quality and cool appearance: Compact, stylish, innovative design, great for most laptops, laptops, netbooks. Made from bamboo from remote mountains, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Unique Original Design: Designed to fold quickly and easily flat to save space in your bag when traveling on long or short trips. built with removable front lip. Super original design friendly and innovative.

Increased airflow: good heat dissipation due to the office hole pattern. By lifting the laptop from the desk, it dissipates heat buildup and keeps the laptop cooler cool.

Adjustable angle design: 4 different angels. Angle of view perfect when using your laptop. Available for the office, the bedroom, the living room. Ergonomic design that adjusts posture to help relieve shoulder and waist pain.

Convenient to use: Fine finish, smooth edge, robust. Make your life and work easier by working, playing games, browsing the web. Ideal gift for friends.

How to open: press your finger on the front area and it will appear, then plug the front lip.