Magic Props Set Big Gift Box Children's Educational Toys

Magic Props Set Big Gift Box Children's Educational Toys



Product information:

Product Category: Set Collection
Material: Various
3C configuration category: Toys over 14 years old
A Style: A 20 types of props (with handbag, manual, teaching QR code)
B Style: B 28 types of props (with carrying bag, manual, teaching QR code)
C Style: C 38 props (with carrying bag, instruction manual, teaching QR code)
D Style: D 50 types of props (with handbag, manual, teaching QR code)

Package A: 20 types of props + instructions, 1-20 types:
Little Demon Knot, Coin Cup, Three Immortals Returning Hole, Explosive Stock,
Blank paper turns into banknotes. Shuttle coins, telepathy, and wind dice.
Jack-up magic wand. Copper wall and iron wall Da'an money, silk scarf change color
Dry eyes, magic pet cat, mini lightning rod, Kong Ming
Prop poker, four chains, three rope thaumaturgy. happy Birthday
Package B: 28 props + instructions
Model 21-28: Includes all props of package A and adds the following props
Sponge heart, playing dice, black hole legend, come and go without a trace
Double loop currency, coin miracle, coin disappearer, double-headed pen
Package C: 38 props + instructions
Model 29-38: Include all the props of AB package and add the following props
One ball turns into four, newspaper pours water, super power dice. Silk scarf disappears,
The juice disappeared. After the silk, the traffic lights, and the card changers.
Mini cartoon book, folding rose
Package D: 50 props + instructions
Model 39-50: Includes all the props of the ABC package and adds the following props
Water does not leak. Magic escape board, button stick. Prophecy blackboard
ET screws, Xiaoqiang magic, infection, magic nails wear silver
Loop off the rope. Spring magic, your favorite card, magic lamp

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