PS3/PC all-in-one racing steering wheel

PS3/PC all-in-one racing steering wheel



Model: FT37C1
Product name: PS3/PC (D-INPUT/X-INPUT) all in one.
Colour: Black
Power supply: USB wired
Game console accessory type: Game console handle
Interface type: USB
Vibration method: vibration
Applicable products: PS3/PC (D-INPUT/X-INPUT)
Material: ABS
OEM brand: Yes

This product is a basic small size steering wheel, compatible with PS3/PC (D-INPUT/X-INPUT); the default X-INPUT mode on the PC; switch from XINPUT mode to PC-DINPUT mode, please press the HOME button for 5 seconds at the same time There is a vibration to switch. Plug and play on PS3 and PC. It is produced with new environmentally friendly materials, and the quality is guaranteed. .
Product technical specifications:
1) 2 axis variables, D-PAD and 10 independent buttons
2) Built-in 2 high simulation motors, so that the game has more driving fun
3) 90 degree rotation angle, easy to control the game
4) The 200MM dexterous board is more suitable for players with small hands.
5) Foot pedal with linear analog signal
6) The pedal is equipped with a spring device to make the accelerator and brake pedal feel
Driving pleasure for players
7) Support button hand brake and foot brake function
8) Automatic disk centering function
9) The steering wheel is connected to the host with a 1.8-meter high-quality USB cable, and the pedal connection to the steering wheel is 1.5 meters long
10) Support D-INPUT and X-INPUT two modes on the computer platform, easily adapt to different
Game settings parameters. New game plug and play

Packing size: 27*19*18.5CM
The package contains: steering wheel, pedals, manual, CD.
When the CD is only used in the D-INPUT mode of the PC, the installation of the driver has a vibration effect, and you can play without the driver, but there is no vibration function.

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